No-code for the enterprise

A powerful no-code platform, designed to build scalable, secure, and tailored applications. Take your business processes to the next level, faster than ever.

Internal development tool
Scalable and robust
Complete flexibility
High performance

Why Appfarm?

Appfarm seamlessly integrates with your other tools and software and works in perfect symbiosis with tools for data management, ERP, IoT solutions, and much more.

Built for the enterprise, Appfarm enables you to go further with application development than you thought possible. If you are currently using a no-code solution, Appfarm is the next step for scalability, functionality, complexity, and security.

No compromise

The library of building blocks in the platform drastically improves the development speed and time to market, making it far easier to iterate based on user experience after you launch your application.

Even though Appfarm is no-code, you are also able to implement code if needed, enabling complete flexibility in your development.

Integrations, data management and security

Technology constantly changes. We are always up to date on the newest trends. Seamlessly integrate with any existing or future software, and combine and structure data from multiple sources and sensors.

With Enteprise-grade security, you can rest assured that your application and the platform are always safe, compliant, and up to date.

One platform for all your needs

Most enterprises need more than one problem or process solved with a digital solution, and these solutions are often required to connect with each other and overlap in specific areas.

By implementing the full-stack platform in your toolbox, you can build and maintain all your necessary applications in one ecosystem.

When I was invited to the meeting with Appfarm, I was rather skeptical. Learn yet another proprietary tool? Struggle with its limitations? But right after digging into the capabilities of the platform, well-thought user interface, and set of beautiful built-in components, I really fell in love with it

Valerii Shypunov - CTO

It has now grown into a much larger system than initially thought, which all departments are using to perform their tasks and assignments. We have solved so many of our issues in such a short period of time.

Stian Berg - CTO

Our new solution eliminated the time-consuming and costly task of communicating by lengthy email chains and phone calls to find simple information. What used to take days now takes seconds.

Tom Gulliksen - Project Co-Ordinator

It started with the need for an app to register time, but Appfarm quickly turned into one of our core digital tools.

Christopher Conradi - CDO
FSN Capital
FSN Capital
Case studies

Finding success with Appfarm

How will Appfarm support you?

A tablet with a progressive web application built with Appfarm showing on it. Represents how Appfarm can build custom digital solutions for business in all industries.


When implementing Appfarm, you get access to an extensive community of documentation, forums, learning materials, FAQs, and much more. Connect with and learn from other Appfarm developers, and discover best practices through use cases and training videos.


Throughout the year, Appfarm offers physical 3-day courses introducing new developers to the no-code platform. Here you will learn to master application building in Appfarm Create. This is also a great way to enroll new employees in your tool.

Here to support you

We have a dedicated customer success team ready to assist you with your needs. We also have a expert solution engineers, ready to assist you in your projects if needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate a solution built with Appfarm into my existing software portfolio?

The short answer is - yes! Modern software supporting today's business processes need to be able to integrate with surrounding systems, and our platform's flexible building blocks seamlessly enable client or server-side integrations with your legacy systems, data platforms, apps, or external services. Almost all client solutions created with Appfarm are integrated with at least one other system or service.

Does Appfarm have AI capabilities?

Appfarm integrates seamlessly with AI APIs, such as Open AI or Microsoft Azure Open AI. Appfarm is a very versatile tool for building user interfaces or logic on top of AI capabilities, or to bring AI capabilities into your Appfarm application. We are also working on extending our developer tool Appfarm Create with AI capabilities, for even more efficient App development. You may explore our AI articles in our blog.

I want to write code. Can I do that in Appfarm?

Our building blocks come in different levels of abstraction. Some are basic, while others handle a lot of stuff at the same time. Either way, they are highly flexible and configurable to your needs. We rarely meet problems that cannot be solved using our building blocks; however, Appfarm has a function editor that lets you write in JavaScript if you need to.

Do I need to be an experienced programmer to use Appfarm?

No. Non-programmers can also master development in Appfarm. Still, having some knowledge of software development is advantageous. Appfarm makes development more straightforward, more intuitive, and faster by abstracting away the obstacles created by syntax and code. Still, we do not exclude the fundamentals of what constitutes good software design.

Is it easy to integrate with my current tech stack?

The short answer is yes. Our platforms' flexible building blocks seamlessly enable client or server-side integrations with your legacy systems, data platforms, apps, or external services.

Why is no-code becoming a popular development approach for enterprises when it comes to digital transformation?

No-code is accelerating digital transformation for businesses that were once hindered by long and often costly development-cycles of traditional coding in several ways.
It allows the developer to solve the business problem rather than figuring out all the aspects of software that need to be a part of "any" I.T. system, e.g. infrastructure and servers, existing tech stack, frameworks, databases, integration possibilities, authentication, and security mechanisms.
Secondly, using pre-built building blocks instead of writing code saves time and is less prone to errors because the building blocks themselves are maintained by Appfarm.

Why choose Appfarm?

Appfarm is comprised of two main parts that have made it the choice for many enterprises looking to embrace the customization and speed of deployment that no-code offers.

1. Appfarm  - the no-code platform - a highly-powerful, fully flexible no-code tool, capable of creating digital solutions with endless possibilities, tailored to your specific business needs. Few no-code platforms can match Appfarm when it comes to enterprise-level functionality, scalability and integration possibilities.

2. Appfarm - the team behind the innovation - we're proud to have a curious and passionate team of no-code experts, that are ready to help you discover how to navigate the obstacles you currently face in todays digital landscape. Whether you're looking for a digital solution to be created for your business, or looking for your team to begin making digital solutions with our platform, we're ready to explore a collaboration that's a proven roadmap towards success.

Will I make fewer mistakes when developing with Appfarm?

Definitely. With Appfarm, you will work with ready-made, highly customizable building blocks. These building blocks will always work. you don't have to take our word for it, but with 3,000 active applications  running on a daily basis, it's safe to say secure and dependable functionality will never be a worry. By design, Appfarm is composed of an integrated stack, meaning that you cannot delete something that is in use somewhere else, providing an extra safety net.

Start building

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