Offline support and geo-mapping for an 11 billion NOK tunnel-building project

Skanska’s current tunnel-blasting support software didn’t support the safety processes needed when handling explosives. This triggered a need for a custom digital solution. The no-code application ‘Spreng’ was created, providing all necessary requirements. This allows Skanska to plan for the vast project management that will be required for the 9 km tunnel in northern Norway.

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Spreng app created in Appfarm in collaboration with Skanska, used for a 9km rock-blasting operations in a tunnel building project



No-Code Solution


Use Case

Complete custom solution needed for increased precision in reporting, increased availability on-site and safety for workers.

Key Results

Offline support crucial in increasing project efficiency.
Integration of complex web mapping services key in planning and project.
Increased safety for workers on site.

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Building and Construction

Challenges faced by client

  • Skanska already had a type of software for blasting operations, but it was built on an old framework, was not API driven, and didn't have offline support.
    The configuration Skanska needed for this project required an enterprise-grade custom solution, built with full flexibility.
  • Their current software didn't support the safety processes needed for workers when handling explosives, meaning safety measures for workers deep in the tunnels needed improving.

No-code solution process

  • The collaboration between Appfarm and Skanska was vital at each stage of Spreng becoming a complete digital solution that would streamline all processes necessary for their rock-blasting project.
  • The solution included a feature where users can upload files that include the geo data from the tunnelling, and the blasting lines would auto-populate on the map within the app.
  • Offline support was a vital component of what makes Spreng a complete solution. Users can be 7km deep into a tunnel when inputting data, so the addition of fully functional offline support with user authentication is pivotal in boosting the efficiency and accuracy of the project.
  • Geo-location and mapping services were also required within Spreng. Skanska has its own surveying department who have been working on GIS and map data. This was integrated with their no-code solution, and they now have capabilities such as live drone data, zooming in to the point of being able to count bolts on-site, all map lines can be placed where the explosion lines are planned for, and even the model lines for everything planned during construction can be placed on the same map.
"What we really like about Appfarm is that it's API first. It's very easy to get data in and out. We already have a lot of integrations in Spreng, with public open free data and closed Skanska data."
- Lars Horn, Chief Digital Advisor at Skanska

Key Results

  • Offline support
    With fully functional offline support, the planning, execution, and reporting capabilities of this large-scale rock-blasting project grew extensively. Data was readily available on-site, and the old ways of inputting data twice were abolished with the offline functionality.
  • Integration of web mapping services
    Skanska has a proprietary GeoServer, and needed this integrated into their new solution. This was successfully achieved, and provided an invaluable digital resource when visualizing and mapping the routes needed to blast rock through the mountain in which the tunnel will be built.
  • Increased safety for project workers on-site.
    With their new solution in place, Skanska employees got to test the app and quickly grew accustomed to the functionality and best practices for the features within Spreng. They're ready to take on this huge project with the best safety measures in place.
"I think we have only scraped the surface when it comes to the possibilities, but it's been very important in our architecture that everything we build and utilize is API first, so we can push data in and out, and that's something that Appfarm helps us with."
- Lars Horn, Chief Digital Advisor at Skanska

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