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I'm interested in having a digital solution created by Appfarm, tailored to my enterprise needs.

Why is no-code becoming a popular development approach for enterprises when it comes to digital transformation?

No-code is accelerating digital transformation for businesses that were once hindered by long and often costly development-cycles of traditional coding in several ways.
It allows the developer to solve the business problem rather than figuring out all the aspects of software that need to be a part of "any" I.T. system, e.g. infrastructure and servers, existing tech stack, frameworks, databases, integration possibilities, authentication, and security mechanisms.
Secondly, using pre-built building blocks instead of writing code saves time and is less prone to errors because the building blocks themselves are maintained by Appfarm.

Why choose Appfarm?

Appfarm is comprised of two main parts that have made it the choice for many enterprises looking to embrace the customization and speed of deployment that no-code offers.

1. Appfarm  - the no-code platform - a highly-powerful, fully flexible no-code tool, capable of creating digital solutions with endless possibilities, tailored to your specific business needs. Few no-code platforms can match Appfarm when it comes to enterprise-level functionality, scalability and integration possibilities.

2. Appfarm - the team behind the innovation - we're proud to have a curious and passionate team of no-code experts, that are ready to help you discover how to navigate the obstacles you currently face in todays digital landscape. Whether you're looking for a digital solution to be created for your business, or looking for your team to begin making digital solutions with our platform, we're ready to explore a collaboration that's a proven roadmap towards success.

What can be created with Appfarm?

The possibilities  are endless - if you can think of it, it can be created in Appfarm. Solutions range from the more common types of business-critical applications, such as portal solutions, custom back office solutions, SaaS platforms, and order management tools - customised to your exact needs - as well as completely original and niche ideas. We are proud to help make them a reality.

Take a look at some of the success stories we have to date here.

What kind of businesses/industries is Appfarm compatible with?

Every kind of business, in any industry can benefit from using Appfarm. With over 3,300 applications currently active worldwide, we have worked with -  and continue to work with - companies in all industries. From start-ups looking to make smart choices when it comes to choosing the right tech-stack,to multi-nationals who need a digital solution that can comfortably handle their data and scalability needs, Appfarm is the choice.

How do I explore the possibility of having a digital solution made for my business?

Our team would be happy to set up an exploratory call and show you how your idea becomes reality. Click here, leave your details and our team will set up a tailored session for a time that suits you.

What about the essentials like security and compliance?

After the implementation and internal alignment of a management system for information security (ISMS), Appfarm became ISO 27001 certified at the end of 2023. This means Appfarm is one of the few no-code platforms on the market that holds this security certification, ensuring the highest international standards of information security for all users.

Can I integrate a solution built with Appfarm into my existing software portfolio?

The short answer is - yes! Modern software supporting today's business processes need to be able to integrate with surrounding systems, and our platform's flexible building blocks seamlessly enable client or server-side integrations with your legacy systems, data platforms, apps, or external services. Almost all client solutions created with Appfarm are integrated with at least one other system or service.

What is the price of an Appfarm subscription?

Our pricing is based on parameters such as active users per month, number of applications, number of environments, data and file storage, SLA levels and more. These parameters are grouped together in four pricing tiers that range from catering to startups and SMEs to large enterprises. Please contact us for more information about pricing - we'll be happy to suggest the right tier for you based on your needs.

I'm interested in using Appfarm's  no-code platform to make better digital solutions for my clients.

What does joining the Appfarm Partner Network mean for my business?

Joining our Partner Network means your business gets fast-tracked towards making better digital solutions for your clients, faster than ever before. Your business will enjoy collaboration that's a roadmap towards success; with training from our developer success team that will get your team up to speed using our no-code platform, as well as ongoing advice and guidance from our partner success team.

Do I need to be an experienced programmer to use Appfarm?

No. Non-programmers can also master development in Appfarm. Still, having some knowledge of software development is advantageous. Appfarm makes development more straightforward, more intuitive, and faster by abstracting away the obstacles created by syntax and code. Still, we do not exclude the fundamentals of what constitutes good software design.

What about essentials like security and compliance?

Security is an integral part of Appfarm.

We work with legal and compliance experts to ensure our practices align with the latest data protection laws and regulations. It features mechanisms for protecting your apps against common security threats such as the OWASP Top Ten. While many aspects of security are in place by default, many are also configurable and require adherence to standard security practices in your apps and services.

Is it easy to integrate with my current tech stack?

The short answer is yes. Our platforms' flexible building blocks seamlessly enable client or server-side integrations with your legacy systems, data platforms, apps, or external services.

How do I explore the possibility of joining the Appfarm Partner Network?

Our team would be happy to set up an exploratory call and show you the benefits and possibilities that will open up for your business.

Click here and a tailored session will be set up a time that suits you.

Will I make fewer mistakes when developing with Appfarm?

Definitely. With Appfarm, you will work with ready-made, highly customizable building blocks. These building blocks will always work. you don't have to take our word for it, but with 3,000 active applications  running on a daily basis, it's safe to say secure and dependable functionality will never be a worry. By design, Appfarm is composed of an integrated stack, meaning that you cannot delete something that is in use somewhere else, providing an extra safety net.

Can I integrate with my old ERP system?

Yes, provided that your ERP (or any other system or service) has an API or interface, you can easily configure an integration. Appfarm supports SOAP, REST, and GraphQL.

Do I need to know how to work with databases?

No. In Appfarm, you work with data models, which act as a visual representation of a database. You visually design the objects your solution needs and how they relate to each other. The platform handles the rest. When you create a new object class, Appfarm automatically and instantly manages the database technicalities for you.

Can I publish my app to App Store (iOS)?

That's something that isn't possible right now. Appfarm only supports progressive web apps (PWAs). PWAs are available on all types of devices, interfaces, and operating systems. Our clients prefer PWAs over native apps because of their simplicity, speed, and lower development cost.

Does Appfarm have AI capabilities?

Appfarm integrates seamlessly with AI APIs, such as Open AI or Microsoft Azure Open AI. Appfarm is a very versatile tool for building user interfaces or logic on top of AI capabilities, or to bring AI capabilities into your Appfarm application. We are also working on extending our developer tool Appfarm Create with AI capabilities, for even more efficient App development. You may explore our AI articles in our blog.

I'm interested in a career opportunity in the no-code space.

Is it possible to explore a career opportunity with Appfarm?

Absolutely, we're always open to the possibility of motivated people who want to pursue opportunities in the no-code space. You will find open positions on our Careers Page.

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