Solving the challenge of crew coordination in building and construction projects

The projects are large and complex, the workforce is spread out across departments and physical locations and headquarters often have little relation to what is happening on site. This makes it challenging when managing and coordinating project crew and staff. Implenia solved this with no-code.

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No-Code Solution

Use Case

HR System - Starting off with basic core functionality for user friendliness, developing further functions as user adoption was established.

Key Results

Remarkable time and cost-saving across enterprise.
Solution created with no-code became business-critical, increasing efficiency across all teams.

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Challenges faced by client

  • Implenia faced challenges for coordinating project staff, payroll, and sick leave across projects, departments, and locations. Issues that have lingered within the industry for years.
  • Existing tracking systems were spreadsheet-based, lacked real-time updates, and were not integrated with other systems.
  • The current "best-practices" hindered projects because of a lack of cross-team functionality and proper overview, resulting in hits to both time and cost of ongoing projects.
“This is an issue that I’ve seen so many times: projects crashing due to the inability to acknowledge the latter user group. Many are too eager to only consider the data they want to extract from something, rather than how to best insert the needed information. It’s an old-fashioned way of thinking,”  
- Tom Gulliksen, (Project co-ordinator, Implenia.)

No-code solution process

  • No-code approach facilitated a more efficient dialogue between Implenia and Appfarm, ensuring an understanding of industry regulations and background issues.
  • Starting small with basic functionality and a user-friendly approach led to immediate appreciation and adoption of the solution.
  • Addressing the varying comfort levels of users with new ways of working was crucial for the entire work force to buy into a new way of working.
  • The project took less than three months to produce, leveraging no-code for a soft start rather than coding a system from the ground up.

Key Results

  • Impactful time and cost-saving.
    With their new solution in place, Implenia's workforce embraced the new solution and the impact was felt immediately. Time-consuming and costly task of communicating by lengthy and often unanswered email chains and phone calls was eliminated. Everything was now logged in their new application and important information could now be retrieved in seconds, rather than days.
  • Increased efficiency across all teams.
    The solution was met with widespread appreciation across the entire Implenia team. It became business-critical as it transformed the speed at which projects could now progress. Implenia is continuously building on their solution and have plenty of ideas for new functionality to make it larger and even more integral to their organization. By developing with no-code, they have the option to assess the strategies ahead and continue building based on this.
“It has become a business-critical system for our operations, and we’re saving a lot of time and cost on having such a good overview. This approach would have been extremely challenging to achieve without no-code"
- Tom Gulliksen, (Project co-ordinator, Implenia.)

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