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Appfarm makes it possible to create client portals tailored to your exact business needs. Rapid go-to-market time. Easily integrated. Always secure.

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Instant and lasting benefits of a no-code client portal

Makes sales more scalable

Fully automate complex sales and after-sales processes, avoiding excessive manual processes that could become barriers to increased sales.

User-friendly interface

Intuitive design streamlining order configuration, coupled with beautiful UI design specific to your business, reinforcing strong brand recognition.

Responsive communication

Real-time communication for enhanced customer-centricity. Foster engaging communication within your portal that benefits your customers experience. Previous evidence of portals built with Appfarm resulted in an immediate level of customer satisfaction. When customers enjoy the ease of use within a portal - they use it more.

Resilience in a dynamic work environment

Reduces dependence on individuals for operational stability. A client portal built with no-code makes it simple to integrate with your workforce, increasing best-practice knowledge on a wider scale, with less input needed due to increased automation.

The platform has optimized our operations and the purchasing experience for our customers and our support department.

Bettina Grimelund - Supply Chain Manager
Salt Import
Salt Import

After only two weeks I had mastered the platform and could set up different data models and objects. That speaks volumes, considering my technical background. It’s all very intuitive.

Herman Ikhsani - UX developer

Our new solution eliminated the time-consuming and costly task of communicating by lengthy email chains and phone calls to find simple information. What used to take days now takes seconds.

Tom Gulliksen - Project Co-Ordinator

There is no doubt that this system is ten times better than what we had. With Appfarm we have streamlined so many of our operations, and we have more than earned back the cost of development.

Stian Berg - CTO
Viken Fiber
Viken Fiber

It started with the need for an app to register time, but Appfarm quickly turned into one of our core digital tools.

Christopher Conradi - CDO
FSN Capital
FSN Capital
Case studies

Finding success with Appfarm

Business value of the no-code process

A tablet with a progressive web application built with Appfarm showing on it. Represents how Appfarm can build custom digital solutions for business in all industries.

A custom client portal can significantly enhance the efficiency, transparency, and overall effectiveness of your business processes.

Speed of Development = Rapid Results

The speed at which client portals of any complexity are built with Appfarm can be developed and deployed makes it key to accelerating digital transformation. This accelerated timeline not only translates to quicker time-to-market, but also enables businesses to adapt swiftly to evolving client needs.

Cost-Efficiency and Resource Optimization

Intuitive design streamlining order configuration, coupled with beautiful UI design specific to your business, reinforcing strong brand recognition.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Traditional software development often comes with a hefty price tag, requiring substantial investments in hiring skilled developers and maintaining complex infrastructure. A client portal built with no-code however, democratize the development process, eliminating the need for specialized coding expertise.

Instant Integration

Simplify integration through APIs and modern endpoints. Due to built-in components you can easily connect to internal and external systems that your company uses. Your new client portal will fit seamlessly in to your existing tech stack, modified to your clients preferences, taking everyday processes to a new level.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I build a no-code customer portal?

A unique client portal can be built with Appfarm's no-code platform. Collaboration will ensure every facet is mapped out, including data sources, the interface (built using drag-and-drop components) and any additional features or components needed to tailor it to your business needs. Lightning fast iterations can be implemented during the testing phase. Deployment is done with one-click, launching your new portal as a modern application on your preferred hosting infrastructure.

What are the benefits of a no-code customer or client portal?

The benefits are immediately evident and long-lasting. Avoiding the long and often resource-heavy cycles that coding would require means no-code is a pro-business method of accelerating your digital transformation. The speed at which your ideas for a portal become a reality  makes it ideal for quick go-to-market time.
After deployment, a custom client portal can significantly enhance the efficiency, transparency, and overall effectiveness of the sales, onboarding or any other process specific to your portal.

What about integrating a client portal with our current tech-stack?

A client portal built with Appfarm is ready to integrate. It's not built in isolation and will be seamlessly integrated with your current tech-stack, elevating your everyday business operations to new levels, as can be seen in our success stories of previously built client portals.

What about the essentials like security and compliance?

After the implementation and internal alignment of a management system for information security (ISMS), Appfarm became ISO 27001 certified at the end of 2023. This means Appfarm is one of the few no-code platforms on the market that holds this security certification, ensuring the highest international standards of information security for all users.

Get a client portal tailored to your specific business needs

Digital transformation without the upheaval. Fast, scalable and secure.