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Customer solutions today must be user-friendly and tailored to market demands. But hidden behind beautiful frontends we often find cumbersome, manual work processes. on the other hand is an example of the opposite.

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No-Code Solution

Use Case

Customer portal built with an iterative process - using no-code - allowing for custom pricing, tailored communication flows, and complex transportation ecosystems.

Key Results

Unique competitive advantage gained within industry.
Immediate increase in customer satisfaction.

Developed by

Avo Consulting & Bleed Design


Industrial Wholesale

Challenges faced by client

  • As a leading salt distributor in Norway, faced challenges in providing an innovative and user-friendly solution for ordering salt.

  • Industries like road contracting and fisheries had unpredictable demands influenced by weather conditions and catch variations.

  • Manual sales processes lacked the overview, automation, and self-service capabilities expected by customers.

No-code solution process

  • Utilizing Appfarm's no-code platform, Saltimport developed, a fast, flexible, and agile solution that addressed specific requirements beyond standard e-commerce products.

  • Avo Consulting, using Appfarm as part of their RAD (Rapid App Development) service, facilitated an agile process starting with an MVP, involving developers, a design expert, and a project leader.

  • Iterative development allowed the inclusion of end-users in the process, ensuring feedback and real-time adjustments to functionality.

  • The solution included a website, user profiles, design, visual identity, and ordering systems, providing an industry-oriented insight source and a customer portal.

Key Results

  • Unique competitive advantage gained within industry.
    Equipped with their new digital solutions, Saltimport have accelerated their digital transformation and made themselves stand out from competition within the industry. The website, ordering system, and customer portal have combined to make their process an extremely efficient one, while also allowing for traditional means of communication. All in all, has made them a well-rounded modern system that is leading to efficient orders and happier customers.
  • Immediate increase in customer satisfaction.
    The introduction of the their new ordering system was met with huge appreciation from the user base. The fact that certain end users were included in the iteration process helped the development phases be as efficient as possible, making it user-friendly and efficient at impressive speed. Customers now have a greater overview on their orders thanks to the digital leap this no-code solution takes for the industry.
“All in all, Avo is proud to have been able to contribute to closing part of the technology gap in the salt industry,”
-Anders Horn (Avo Consulting)

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