Appfarm - Year in Review 2022

This year at Appfarm we hosted our first large-scale developer event, Developalooza, where we reflected on key developments to the platform and looked at the future roadmap. In this year in review, we’re going to use that as inspiration, with a recap of the year’s highlights and a glimpse of what's to come in 2023.

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Appfarm - Year in Review 2022

Our platform engineers solved over 400 challenges this year, delivering new features, improvements, and the odd bug fix. In addition to driving Appfarm Create forward, we’ve also worked hard on scaling the supporting infrastructure and services. This will ensure we can keep pushing the limits of what can be achieved with no-code.

We faced the test of developers creating bigger, more complex apps with increasing functionality and users, and responded by launching the first version of App Health. App Health helps identify errors and warnings in apps and provides tips for improving performance.

App Health in Appfarm Create
App Health in Appfarm Create

We also released Auth operations, which provides the flexibility to create a fully-branded and customized authentication flow for end-users while still retaining all the benefits of the Appfarm authentication layer.

Appfarm Create Auth Operations
Auth Operations in Appfarm Create

Collaboration is a key aspect of Appfarm Create, and we released Deploy changelog to provide an instant look at what changes are ready to be deployed, improving transparency and facilitating better collaboration.

Appfarm Create Deploy changelog
Deploy Changelog in Appfarm Create

For developers who need to implement functionality that isn’t yet possible with our built-in components, we introduced Coded Component. This feature has been used for a wide range of purposes, including 3D viewers, custom graphing, advanced maps, and media players.

3D-model shown here for demo purposes is from the game Dota 2 and is property of Valve Corporation

We made Appfarm Create even easier to use with a refresh of the UI and new features to make app development even faster. Appfarm Commander is a command palette for navigation, running simple commands, and searching the documentation.

Appfarm Commander
Appfarm Commander

We added Keyboard shortcuts for super fast navigation and to run common operations like copy, paste, and rename.

Keyboard shortcuts Appfarm Create
Keyboard shortcuts in Appfarm Create

Finally, we announced Farmer’s Market, launching soon with a curated selection of pre-built apps, themes, and UI components that can be added into any solution. This resource will help new developers get started and existing developers deliver projects faster.

Farmer's Market Appfarm Create
Welcome to Farmer's Market

Alongside improvements to the platform we’ve continued to build resources to support the growing number of Appfarm developers. We’ve refreshed and expanded our documentation, published videos to support new releases, and seen our community grow more than ever before.

Looking ahead, you can expect to see the results of our focus on:

  • Innovating and improving on the developer experience. We’ll continue to remove the friction from app development, making it even faster to build apps that cover an increasing array of use cases.
  • Ensuring apps are performant and robust. All apps should offer an amazing user experience, whether they’re brand new or long in production.
  • Streamlining onboarding for new developers. New features will simplify complex concepts and we’ll invest further in content and support.
  • Expanding Farmer’s Market. Look out for pre-built integrations, services, complete solutions, and more.

So that’s a look back and a preview of what you can expect from us in 2023.

We can’t wait to see what you build!

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