Cocottes Wins Prestigious Award for their no-code Management Solution

Cocottes, a leading provider of fresh foods in Luxembourg, has won the prestigious "Prix de l'innovation dans l'Artisanat" (Innovation in Craftsmanship Prize) for their comprehensive no-code solution, developed on Appfarm by our talented partner, ControlC.

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Cocottes Wins Prestigious Award for their no-code Management Solution

The "Prix de l'innovation dans l'Artisanat" is organized by the Chambre des Métiers in Luxembourg and celebrates innovative projects and initiatives within the craftsmanship sector. This esteemed award promotes creativity and innovation among artisans, encouraging the development of new techniques, products, and services. Cocottes secured their win in the "Management/Organization" category.

The Award-Winning Solution

The solution that earned Cocottes this award is a comprehensive Management System, developed by Appfarm partner ControlC. This system, which could be likened to an ERP, covers all aspects of production and sales activities. 

Clémentine Venck, Director at Cocottes
Clémentine Venck, Director at Cocottes (Photo: Mathilde Magne)
“This ingenious system allows us to manage stock and production efficiently, have a clear view of sales and inventory in each store, plan production precisely, and implement sustainable solutions,” says Clémentine Venck, Director at Cocottes. 

“We particularly appreciate its flexibility, which enables us to adapt to the changing market and has allowed us to connect tools we acquired during the system's construction.”

Some key components of the solution include:

  • Master data management: a central repository managing all transversal data including the bill of material, POS, collaborators, and suppliers, ensuring a single source of truth.
  • Supply management: all supplier orders and deliveries, integrated with industrial printers and suppliers' EDI.
  • POS management: used at points of sale to place orders to the central production site and manage stock for each POS.
  • Production & planning: Allows for precise planning of finished goods production and links raw materials to production processes.
  • Quality management: This feature enables comprehensive quality management, allowing the quality team to follow up on various topics and deviations.

The Development Journey

ControlC is the first Appfarm partner in Luxembourg and has become an expert on the no-code platform. They have successfully developed several impressive, complex, and comprehensive applications for their customers. 

Jérémy Jean, Founder and CEO at ControlC

“The development of Cocottes’ application has been iterative and collaborative. Numerous meetings and discussions took place with the Cocottes team, who brought their deep business expertise, while we contributed with technical expertise to build and refine the application,” says Founder and CEO at ControlC, Jérémy Jean

“It is great to be able to work so closely and collaborate with such an innovative customer. The feedback from the Cocottes team during testing was invaluable, allowing for continuous adaptation and improvement,” he continues. 

"This award is the result of an excellent collaboration between the teams of ControlC and Cocottes,” Clementine agrees. 

The award is an important recognition for both companies, as well as a testament to the quality of no-code solutions in general.

“For ControlC, this win is a testament to our capability to develop an entire management system using a no-code tool. As a smaller consulting house, it represents significant recognition that we, within two years, have built such a powerful application, where two other “traditional” actors failed before us,” Jérémy finishes. 

This recognition not only highlights the solution's innovation and effectiveness but also the power of collaboration and the potential of no-code platforms in transforming traditional business processes. Congratulations to Cocottes and ControlC on this remarkable achievement!

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