Appfarm partners with JMBC

The German consulting company JMBC has joined the Appfarm partner team! We had the pleasure of hosting the co-founders Thomas Jäckel and Binu Manikath in Oslo and chatted about how they will use no-code to add to their client service offerings.

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Appfarm partners with JMBC

- Who is JMBC and what is your vision?

“Binu and I started JMBC three years ago," Thomas says.

"It's a small consulting company focusing on product lifecycle management, helping businesses in the industry to digitize their processes”, Thomas says.

“The challenge is always to close and connect process chains to ensure consistent dataflows".

- What made you want to partner up with Appfarm?

“Last year in December we met up with Marius and Hans Magnus for dinner where they asked about JMBC and if we had any specific solutions in our product offerings. I told him about JMBC and that our offering is basically our knowledge on product lifecycle management. We want to develop applications but we don't have the skills or the right people for this at the moment,” Binu explains.

“I had heard about low- and no-code and has some knowledge about what Appfarm and their no-code platform, so when he pitched the idea for a partnership we thought this was interesting, and here we are,” he says.

So no code/low code will be part of your strategy moving forward?

“Yes, it is definitely a promising solution right now. The day-to-day challenge for our clients is that they have a tremendous amount of data stored in multiple different data legs or systems. All this data needs to be connected," Thomas says.

"Low- and no-code platforms can be precisely the right tool to tie the data together, ensure a consistent flow, and make sense of and extract knowledge from it."

- What are the plans ahead?

“We now have several client use cases where we wish to use Appfarm, so we are looking at which one would be a good first project to develop a solution for. This would be a huge win-win for Appfarm and for us,” Binu says.

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