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Supercharge project efficiency. Swap hours of manual data input for instant automation with a digital solution built for your specific project needs.

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Why no-code is becoming the choice for construction and industrial software

Speed of development

The speed at which custom digital solutions - built with Appfarm - can be developed and deployed makes it key to accelerating digital transformation within industrial projects. This accelerated timeline not only translates to quicker project lifecycles, it also future-proofs the business with increased efficiency regarding machinery leasing and worker requirements.

Solving spreadsheets

A no-code solution built with Appfarm solves a common barrier to project efficiency. Time spent in spreadsheets. Programs such as Excel often become overburdened with too many tasks and don't scale well, as well as being unable to communicate with other core systems, leading to a lot of manual and unnecessary work. Appfarm solves this issue, giving invaluable time back.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

A single source of truth for the whole company - project leaders can plan in the same space - saving a lot of time regarding ongoing changes and communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Instant Integration

Simplify integration through APIs and modern endpoints. Due to built-in components you can easily connect to internal and external systems that your company uses. Your new custom tool can be integrated with other systems such as HR, ERP, CRM and accounting.

Today, we are miles ahead of our old way of thinking and working, and this evolution has barely been noticed by the users, as further development happened gradually.

Tom Gulliksen - Project Co-Ordinator

In the industry, there are niches that have never had their own software, and off-the-shelf solutions didn't work. That's where Appfarm comes in.

Lars Horn - Head of Development

Our new solution eliminated the time-consuming and costly task of communicating by lengthy email chains and phone calls to find simple information. What used to take days now takes seconds.

Tom Gulliksen - Project Co-Ordinator

It has now grown into a much larger system than initially thought, which all departments are using to perform their tasks and assignments. We have solved so many of our issues in such a short period of time.

Stian Berg - CTO

The speed of Appfarm is fantastic! In a very short time, they delivered a tailored, high-quality platform for a structured overview of all our project details.

Stian Berg - CTO
Viken Fiber
Viken Fiber
Case studies

Finding success with Appfarm

Key benefits of a custom solution built for large industrial projects

A tablet with a progressive web application built with Appfarm showing on it. Represents how Appfarm can build custom digital solutions for business in all industries.

Previous solutions built for Appfarm clients have enhanced every aspect of their projects.

Hours become minutes.

The vast quantity of data that needs to be input over the life-cycle of a project becomes automated. This has supercharged other companies project timelines that work with Appfarm and has changed timeline expectations for the better.

Resource-efficiency transformed

The dynamic environment of a large construction project can often result in leased machinery laying idle. A customized digital solution can avoid this with instant communication ability as project dynamics change. Leaving unanswered phone calls or missed e-mails in the past.

Ease-of-use for team productivity

Large teams contain employees of varying technological comfort. A solution built with Appfarm is powerful, but also built for ease-of-use, ease of integration, and ready to be used on desktop and mobile.

Tailored to your exact project needs

Companies and their project processes are unique, yet often they have to settle for off-the-shelf software. A solution built with Appfarm uses a quick and efficient collaboration process, ensuring every process required is mapped out and brought to life in a digital solution built to their specific needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What about essentials like security and compliance?

Security is an integral part of Appfarm.

We work with legal and compliance experts to ensure our practices align with the latest data protection laws and regulations. It features mechanisms for protecting your apps against common security threats such as the OWASP Top Ten. While many aspects of security are in place by default, many are also configurable and require adherence to standard security practices in your apps and services.

Is it easy to integrate with my current tech stack?

The short answer is yes. Our platforms' flexible building blocks seamlessly enable client or server-side integrations with your legacy systems, data platforms, apps, or external services.

Leave hours of manual data input in the past

Explore how a custom solution built with Appfarm can transform future projects by reducing hours of work to minutes.