MVP in two days, launched in a week - gamechanger

When Eviny discovered massive markups for the corporate electricity market, they decided to do something about it. With Appfarm, the new electricity provider Volte was born and ready to onboard the first customers after only 48 hours.

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Volte - Electricity provider for enterprise


Eviny (Formerly BKK)

No-Code Solution


Use Case

Create a B2B off-the-shelf product, with speedy development to find product-market fit

Key Results

Rapid development for optimal product-market fit.
Cost and time saving during development.

Developed by

Appfarm AS and Eviny (Formerly BKK)



Challenges faced by client

  • A small team from Eviny had a hypothesis that something was off about the pricing structure in the electricity market. After further exploration, they discovered that corporate customers were being charged unbelievable amounts for electricity.
  • In order to help corporate customers gain control of their invoices, they needed to gather more energy data and figures on consumption. They decided to create a pure digital electricity provider for the corporate market: Volte.
  • With the short window of opportunity available, the team wanted to go to market much faster, opting to adapt and iterate along the way.This would be difficult to accomplish through traditional coding methods, as speed to market would be crucial in the app's success, getting it live while it was at its peak in terms of relevance for its potential market fit.
“The mark-up story hit the news on a Wednesday. On Thursday we reached out to a large traditional IT consultancy firm who said they could sit down with us for a meeting and map out our needs on the following Monday,”
- Morten Anstenseen (Business developer, Volte)

No-code solution process

  • Two working days later, on that following Monday, an MVP application was up and running and Volte could onboard their first customers. Morten has no doubt that no-code was the right approach for the venture.
  • It was evident from the offset that the ability to iterate would be crucial to this project's success. Based on a similar service for the private market, Volte estimated a need for about 80 iterations to stand out with a smooth solution that could onboard new customers more easily.
  • Decisions in the early stages that turned out to be the wrong ones, and that being able to take a real application experience to the customers, get feedback, and then iterate on it was crucial.
“We had heard about what Appfarm does and reached out to them as well. They turned out to be a perfect match for our concept and product idea. Without this number of iterations, we wouldn’t be where we are today”.
- Morten Anstenseen (Business developer, Volte)

Key Results

  • Rapid development for optimal product-market fit.
    Volte is now the Appfarm solution with the highest number of changes on the platform, at about 100,000 changes organized in 60 major versions of Volte. It was the initial speed of testing that allowed it to rapidly adapt to end users preferences, meaning assumptions that proved to be wrong were able to be iterated upon for constant improvements. An optimal product-market fit was made possible by the the ability to constantly iterate, allowing the product to adapt to what end users would require much faster than traditional coding methods. This resulted in the market embracing Volte, and plenty of customers being onboarded.
  • Cost and time saving throughout development process.
    By building Volte within Appfarm, Eviny were able to develop so rapidly that the first version was available for end-user testing within two business days. From there, potential end users could test and give feedback on Volte. Bypassing the long and often costly coding cycles that were once considered the norm.
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