Appfarm gives you superpowers!

Do you have an idea for an application that can make life, business processes or management easier? Put it to life!
We take care of all the complex technicalities so that you can easily build complex and secure applications across multiple devices – without writing code.

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First off, what is no-code?

Writing code is time-consuming, requires experienced technical resources, and is difficult to iterate with. No-code is a type of application development that enables you to create applications without the need for coding knowledge. Using a library of already coded components, you can put your application together through visual development, at the speed of light.

Why Appfarm?
Appfarm's no-code platform, "Appfarm Create", differentiates from other no-code platforms by providing you with smaller building blocks. This gives your app far more expressive power, and opens up the possibility for highly complex systems and applications

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Every new digital solution starts with an idea;
what's yours?
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Drag and drop user interface and application logic using our visual designer
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Make your application come alive with data from any source you choose
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We have a big blue button. Push it, and users have the latest version instantly
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We’ll do the
heavy lifting for you

Stop worrying about the nitty-gritty and repetitive tasks, and only spend time creating the best application for your users. Never worry about the newest security threats or technical frameworks; we’ll take care of it.

On-site support
Automated backup and rollback function
Hosted on great software
Great and friendly support
Continously updated libraries and scripts

How we simplify your tech stack

All-in-one tool

True full-stack with visual handling of all aspects of software – from UI design to infrastructure without a single line of code needed.


Databases and cloud infrastructure without the hassle. One-click deployment across environments with rollback capability. Limitless scaling to your need. Powered by Google Cloud Platform.

Beautiful UI

Drag and drop stunning, out-of-the-box UI, or design freely how you want it. Powered by Material UI.

Visual logic

Define application logic and flow with our intuitive visual designer featuring a powerful library of building blocks.


Our developers ensure that the platform and your applications are high-performing and leveraging the latest technologies and frameworks.


Configure permissions and accessibility in one place for all user groups and data. Never worry about a security threat or patch again.


We all know that modern software needs to communicate with its environment, but common knowledge is not common practice; therefore, we have optimized our platform for easy integrations. In our broad (and ever-expanding) collection of low- and high-level components, we have a very special one called Web Request that we are pretty proud to keep at your disposal.

Drag it into your application to seamlessly enable client- or server-side integrations with your legacy systems, data platforms, apps, or external services. If you want your Appfarm data to be available someplace else, you can cherry-pick the specific data you want – literally by checking a box – and make it accessible through our GraphQL engine.

TLDR: pretty much anything..
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Do I need to be an experienced programmer to use Appfarm?


No. Non-programmers can also master development in Appfarm. Still, having some knowledge of software development is advantageous. Appfarm makes development dramatically more straightforward, more intuitive, and faster by abstracting away the obstacles created by syntax and code. Still, we do not exclude the fundamentals of what constitutes good software design.

Can I integrate with my old ERP system?


Yes, provided that your ERP (or any other system or service) has an API or interface, you can easily configure an integration. Appfarm supports SOAP, REST, and GraphQL.

Do I need to know how to work with databases?


No. In Appfarm, you work with data models, which act as a visual representation of a database. You visually design the objects your solution needs and how they relate to each other. The platform handles the rest. When you create a new object class, Appfarm automatically and instantly manages the database technicalities for you.

Can I use my AzureAD for authentication?


Yes. Appfarm supports authentication with AzureAD or any service that uses the OAuth standard.

Will I make fewer mistakes when developing with Appfarm?


Definitely yes! With Appfarm, you will work with ready-made, highly customizable building blocks. We promise that these building blocks will always work. By design, Appfarm is composed of an integrated stack, meaning that you cannot delete something that is in use somewhere else.

I want to write code. Can I do that in Appfarm?


Our building blocks come in different levels of abstraction. Some are basic, while others handle a lot of stuff at the same time. Either way, they are highly flexible and configurable to your needs. We rarely meet problems that cannot be solved using our building blocks; however, Appfarm has a function editor that lets you write in JavaScript if you need to.

Can I use Appfarm to develop for my customers?


Of course! We have an ever-growing number of partners. You can become one too!

What is the price of an Appfarm subscription?


Our pricing is based on parameters such as active users per month, number of applications, number of environments, data and file storage, SLA levels and more. These parameters are grouped together in 4 pricing tiers that range from catering to startups and SMEs to large enterprises. Please contact us for more information about pricing - we'll be happy to suggest the right tier for you based on your needs.

Can I publish my app to App Store (iOS)?


No. Appfarm only supports progressive web apps (PWAs). PWAs are available on all types of devices, interfaces, and operating systems. Our customers prefer PWAs over native apps because of their simplicity, speed, and lower development cost.