Reodor and Appfarm accelerate digital innovation in large corporations with no-code

Reodor, a leading Norwegian innovation studio, works with Appfarm to enable top-line growth for corporates.

Julie Remen
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Bringing the startup pace into large businesses

While startups naturally exploit the newest technologies and digital tools available, larger corporations often use much longer time to commit to new digital opportunities to transform their business processes. Reodor, a leading Norwegian innovation studio, works with methods and tools to enable top line growth for corporates. Helping them adopt the agility and speed you’ll find in the startup world enables them to explore new business opportunities with minimal risk at high speed.

Using innovation methodology and a lean and fast-paced digital transformation approach, Reodor assists the corporate sector with applying and integrating new technologies and experimenting with creative business models. Reodor’s team facilitates rapid and iterative “sprints” including prototyping, business model design, testing, and validation activities.

Postit notes

Reodor has teamed up with Appfarm to build working proof-of-concept solutions extremely fast, and in a way that allows for constant iteration and expansion of functionality based on identified customer needs. The partnership empowers more rapid, lean, and agile sprints in Reodor’s development process.

A house built with LEGO, not concrete

“Our priority is speed and early testing of both functionality and design,” says Christopher Henriksen, UX Designer in Reodor. A no-code platform like Appfarm is a great match with Reodor’s methods as it enables the delivery of functioning prototypes not only rapidly but also with a new level of flexibility. Being able to seamlessly and quickly change and adapt the software to input from user testing and prototyping throughout the development process has a profound effect on the end result.


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Think of software development as building a house. Appfarm allows us to build the house of LEGO blocks, instead of concrete as with a traditional approach. When we identify customer needs and improvement opportunities, we can simply change one block with another. All without having to worry about the roof caving in like we would have if the house was built of concrete. It’s incredible! – Christopher Henriksen, UX designer in Reodor

Reodor has been one of Appfarm’s longest partner relationships and together they have worked on several projects.

Innovative skill-sharing meets property development

Reodor was challenged by Entra, a leading owner, manager, and developer of commercial properties in Norway, to facilitate improvement of their digital services and competence. Entra wanted to innovate and differentiate themselves in the marketplace by adding value to their clients and to the people working every day in their buildings. So Reodor and Entra began experimenting with innovative approaches for the employees to more seamlessly share knowledge, learn and keep up with the digital and technological changes affecting their industries.


Reodor and Entra knew that they were searching for something new and innovative, but what? On one hand, just promoting skill-sharing among employees wasn't ambitious enough. And an “old school” approach of facilitating off-site and expensive courses didn’t feel like the right direction either. After performing numerous interviews with top management in Entra, Entra’s clients, and own employees working in different buildings, a myriad of exciting ideas were discussed. Shortly after, the idea of a digital skill-sharing service became popular in the team. Teamskill was now conceived.

The customer was astonished when we presented a working prototype in only two days – Christopher Henriksen, UX designer in Reodor

Appfarm and Reodor developed the first version of Teamskill in a matter of days. This wasn’t just static clickable images where you can scroll around, as with traditional prototypes. This was a digital reality where the core functionality was tested through interaction with users exploring the features of the application. From previously relying on sketches and wireframing tools, Reodor was able to rapidly deliver working solutions. As Reodor does not have programming and software development capabilities in-house, Appfarm’s no-code development approach complements their expertise perfectly.

Optimizing the launching time

The first version of Teamskill was up and running after a few days, and a more comprehensive minimum-viable product was operational after a few weeks. After a period of active piloting with Entra’s employees, the solution was further improved through agile processes assisted by the flexible and powerful no-code platform that accommodated needed changes rapidly. Teamskill includes two user interfaces, one mobile app for employees and one web app for administration.


  • Distributed learning sessions created by employees
  • Employees get real-time insights into their acquired knowledge
  • Intelligent notifications and gamification to motivate employees
  • Possibility to create digital sessions
  • Polls to accommodate iterative feedback loop with administration.

No-code challenges “established truths”

Christopher told us “ I have heard from many customers in the past that they are open to all solutions, but not apps due to the expensive maintenance costs and amount of time it takes to develop. It’s satisfying to disprove such a policy against developing apps!”. Partnering with Appfarm, Reodor now has the freedom and flexibility to rapidly develop full-stack tailored enterprise software for their customers. By using no-code to do this, Reodor has brought the time to develop a functioning prototype down from one week to half a day, but more importantly, they can enhance and accelerate their innovation process.