Digitread Connect creates complete industrial IOT-solutions rapidly with Appfarm

With the increasing availability of IoT devices, many more companies from various industries can benefit from introducing IoT-connected applications. In fact, the number of IoT devices is projected to make a threefold increase – to USD 43 billion by 2023. Consequently, Digitread Connect – a Norwegian engineering company providing digital solutions for industry businesses – is experiencing increased demand for IoT-connected applications. IoT solutions can optimize and streamline most aspects of the industrial value chain, providing compelling market opportunities for Digitread Connect.

Julie Remen
Growing demand for IoT devices challenging the traditional application development process
Specific need:
IoT-applications that fully integrates with customers' excisting workflows and systems
Using no-code to develop intuitive and modern user interfaces that integrates with sensor data, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics
Developed by:
Digitreat Connect
Industrial IoT

The sheer volume of the growing demand for IoT devices is challenging the traditional application development process. The IoT domain is situated on the intersection between industrial engineering and information technology, which presents unique challenges because it requires both hardware and software competence. Successful IoT applications must combine data from sensors with modern and contextualized user interfaces to enable business users to harness the power of the data. Customers expect that IoT will enable them to extract valuable insights from their physical business processes to perform data-driven decisions on modern user interfaces. Christoffer Lange, Industrial IoT Product Manager in Digitread Connect, explains that “customers are not only interested in advanced IoT platforms and sensors; they want a fully functioning SaaS product.”

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Christoffer Lange (Digitread COnnect) with the brand new IoT mobile application

No-code development is a perfect solution to this problem. With Appfarm's no-code platform, Digitread Connect can rapidly develop intuitive and modern user interfaces that are easily integrated with sensor data, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics. Armed with this tool, Digitread Connect can now provide a fully functioning IoT application in record time.

Give us access to your data and sensors, and we´ll provide comprehensive applications for your business! – Christoffer Lange

By working in one-week sprints, Digitread Connect is now able to provide IoT applications to industrial customers mainly in the maritime, shipping, and oil & gas industries. Their digital solutions typically replace tedious processes that previously required several workshops and week-long pre-projects. “One-click deployment is truly amazing. The customer sees the changes live when we deploy a new update – all thanks to Appfarm. The feedback loop between us as developers and the customer is incredibly efficient,” Christoffer told us.

Harness the power of IoT-data

Valuable business insight can be derived from raw IoT data and used to improve business processes. However, to capitalize on that insight, one must be able to act on the data immediately. Digitread Connect’s knowledge of IoT sensors supported by Appfarm Create’s flexibility and effectiveness matches this goal perfectly.

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A full IoT solution includes sensors, connectors, an IoT platform, and end-user applications. The latter is developed with Appfarm Create, providing modern and intuitive interfaces on all devices. A common belief is that IoT applications are complicated to develop due to a myriad of systems and devices that must be integrated. Appfarm Create helps to reduce troublesome and painful integration processes.

We tie all four components together, and Appfarm helps us make the icing on the cake: the end-user applications. – Christoffer Lange

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Christoffer Lange working on the IoT solution

Industrial engineers + No-code = Industrial developers

Armed with Appfarm Create, Digitread Connect’s engineers have the necessary tools to create complete IoT applications. By re-engineering their strategy and culture, the firm's engineers have become software developers equipped with a deep understanding of industrial challenges. For Digitread Connect, Appfarm offers a cost-effective and scalable method providing them with a competitive edge amongst other forward-thinking industrial product companies.